Prathamastami is celebrated on the eighth day in the month of Margasira (November-December) and is one of the most popular festivals of Odisha.This is widely observed throughout the State.On this occasion the eldest child of the family is honored.He or she is given new clothes and is made to sit on a wooden pedestal (Pidha).In front of him/her an earthen pot full of water (Purna Kumbha) is placed on handfuls of paddy.Above it a branch of mango leaves and a coconut is placed.Then,the mother or any other elderly lady wishes him /her long-life and good health by praying Sathi Debi,the Goddess who protects children from all kinds of evils.Before the first-borns get honoured,the mother and all other elderly women of the family offer all the prepared cuisine (Pitha and Khiri) to Sathi Devi first.Then they light the lamp (Arati with Dipa) before the Goddess.Followed by this the first-born get honored.A special variety of cake (Pitha) is prepared on this occasion called ‘Enduri’.The cake is offered to the Goddess of Sathi and then taken by all the members of the family. Besides,other cakes like Haladi Patra Pitha,Khiri (rice pudding) etc. are also prepared on this festival by the women folk of the family


Black gram(biri)-2 cups
Rice(arua chaula)-1 cup
Fenugreek seeds-1/2 tsp
Grated coconut-1 cup(you can use frozen also)
Jaggery-1/2 cups
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder-1/4 tsp
Edible camphor powder-a pinch
Turmeric leaves or banana leaves(I used banana leaf because I didn't find turmeric leaf here)
Salt to taste


1-Wash and soak rice,black gram with fenugreek seeds in enough water for at least 5 to 6 hours.(overnight is better)
2-After 5 hours drain water and grind this into thick batter (It need not be a very fine paste).
3-Grind leaving a little coarseness in the rice, whip well and leave the batter for fermenting for 8 hours.Add salt and mix well.
4-Now preparing for stuffing,heat a pan on medium flame,melt jaggery,then add shredded coconut and keep stirring till the jaggery starts sticking to the coconut.
5-Add cardamom powder,pepper powder and edible camphor powder and mix well.Keep stirring on slow flame for about 5 mins,till the coconut Jaggery mix starts sticking to the pan and slightly get browned.
6-Remove from the flame and let it cool down.Heat water in a idli maker/pressure cooker.Bring to a boil.
7-Take one whole green turmeric leaf or banana leaf (If the leaf is bigger size you may cut it) and put a little batter on the leaf and flatten the same.
8-Then put the required quantity of stuffing on the batter and fold the leaf lengthwise in such a way that the stuffing gets sandwiched in between two layers of batter.
9-Place them in the top rack of the idli maker,Cover and cook for about 15-20 minutes.
10-After-15-20 minutes,take it out of idli maker.Allow it cool down and serve hot with dalma,ghuguni,sambar,mix vegetable,mutton curry or chicken curry.
NOTE-(It's very difficult to make traditional enduri pitha in USA.But I tried with the help of banana leaf instead of turmeric leaf,believe me friends it came out nice and soft,but the aroma of turmeric leaf was missing.)


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