Hii all my friends, amigos, familias !!!

   Thanks for stopping by !!! This page is all about the love of amazing cuisines from all across the world. Discover those cuisines prepared by me, read the recipes and follow my blog- "$IMMY'$ DELI$H DI$H"....

Now something briefly about me...

   I'm Simmy!!! I'm a Software Engineer, an enthusiastic blogger, a passionate cook, a loving wife & a big foodie from Boston(Massachusetts).My cooking journey begins after my marriage start to explore the kitchen,working on different taste and texture of food.Before marriage I knew only basic cooking but I always enjoy eating my mom's mouthwatering dishes.I have learned basic cooing from my mom.She is a great cook.After marriage I moved to the USA,in USA I've nothing much to do,so with the so much free time and a very big food lover husband I developed interest in cooking.There is an old age saying-"The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach".

   Food is an important part of our daily life-after all we need to eat to live.So why not to cook???
Cooking is an art of creativity and now it turns my greatest passion. I love to experiment with cuisines of all ethnic regions across the globe & feed people whenever I get a chance...

    This blog is about simple experiment of my recipes and I hope you guys enjoy those recipes & give your feedback.I'd love to hear from you !!! So keep visiting my blog & share your cooking experiences & suggestion/comments with me,this will help me to improve more.Thank you friends & Happy cooking, happy eating....  :P
Enjoy :) !!!

                                   "I am not a Glutton, I am an Explorer of food."

                                                                                              Erma Bombeck


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