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Ras Malai  is a sweet dessert originating in India.The name Ras Malai comes from two parts in Hindi: "Ras" meaning "juice/juicy" and "Malai", meaning "cream".Ras Malai consists-balls (or flattened balls) of paneer(Indian cottage cheese) soaked in malai (creamy milk sauce) flavoured with cardamom,rose water and saffron.


Milk-4 cups(for paneer)
Lemon Juice-2 tbsp
Sugar-1 cup
Water-4 cups
Milk-4 cups
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Saffron-few stands
Rose water-1/8 tsp
Sugar-1/4 cup or to taste
Chopped Pistachios for garnishing


1-Pour the milk into heavy bottomed pan and bring it boil on medium flame.Stir continuously to avoid the burning of the milk at the bottom.
2-When the milk comes to boil,lower the flame and slowly add the lemon juice into the milk.Stir gently.When the milk starting curdling,turn off the flame.
 3-Drain the cheese from the whey using the cheese cloth(muslin cloth).Rinse the cheese that is collected into the cloth us…