Momo a type of dumpling native to Nepal; also popular in bordering region of Tibet,Bhutan and Northeast India.It is similar to the Chinese Baozi and Jiaozi,the Mongolian Buuz,the Japanese Gyoza or the Korean Mandu.Momo is a type of steamed bun with or without filling.Momo are one of the most popular fast foods in many regions of the Nepal populated with people of Tibetan, Nepali or other Himalayan origins.Momo are made with a simple flour-and-water dough-white flour is generally preferred-and sometimes a little yeast or baking soda is added to give a more doughy texture to the finished product.The filling may be one of the several mixtures:In Nepal, the traditional momo is prepared with ground meat filling,but over the past several years, this has changed and become more elaborate.These days, momos are prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat,vegetables,tofu,paneer cheese,vegetable & meat combination There are different varieties of momo, such as fried and steamed momo.Momo are usually served with a dipping sauce normally consisting of tomatoes as the base ingredient, from which numerous variations can be made.



All purpose flour(maida)-2 cups
Oil-1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Water- As needed


Minced chicken-1 cup(or you can use 4-5 pieces of chicken breast,I used chicken breast pieces coz chicken breast are more soft than minced chicken)
Finely chopped Onion-2 tbsp
Finely chopped ginger-1 tbsp
Finely chopped garlic-1 tbsp
Finely chopped green chili-1 tbsp(if you need more spicy then add more green chili)
Chili sauce-1/2 tsp(or to taste)
Soy sauce-2 tsp
Vinegar-1/2 tsp
Ajinomoto-a pinch(optional)
Black pepper powder-1/4 tsp
Salt to taste


1-Mix flour,oil and salt in a bowl and add water to make a semi hard dough.Cover and keep aside for at least 30-35 minutes.
2-For stuffing,add all the stuffing ingredients in a mixing bowl.Grind well,adjust for seasoning with salt and pepper.If you use minced chicken then only mix all the stuffing ingredients.
3--Divide the dough into equal sized balls and roll into very thin circles(just like poori) with some dry flour on your rolling board to make a momo wrapper.
4-Put some water around the sides of wraps.So that it will stick together.Then hold wrapper on one palm,put 1 tbsp of the stuffing in the center and the other hand bring all edges together to the center,making the pleats.Pinch and twist(just like modok) the pleats to ensure the absolute closure of the stuffed dumpling.
5-Heat up a steamer,oil the steamer surface well,so they won't stick,then arrange all the momos without touching each other.
6-Steam  the momos about 20-25 minutes and serve hot with momo(tomato-garlic) chutney.
(If you do not have a steamer,then take a big pan with a tight lid.Arrange the momos in a steel plate.
Put about 2 cups water in the pan. Place a steel bowl in the pan and put the plate of momos on it.
Cover the lid and steam for about 12 minutes on medium flame.Even you can follow the same inside a rice cooker steamer or pressure cooker)


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