CHUM CHUM is a traditional Bengali  sweets which is popular in India,Pakistan and Bangladesh.It comes in a variety of colours ,mainly light pink, light yellow and white.It is also coated with malai or cream.I made 2 types of chum-chums.First one is with stuffing and second one is without stuffing.


Full fat milk-1 liter
Lemon juice-2-3 tbsp
All purpose flour or semolina-1 tbsp
Sugar-2 cups
Water-5 cups


Heavy cream-1/2 cup
Grated Mawa(Khoya) or mawa powder or milk powder -1/4 cup
Condensed milk-2 tbsp
Kewra essence-2-3 drops
Cardamom powder-2 tsp
Sugar-2 tsp
Cherry for garnishing(you can also use saffron stand,grated khoya,grated coconut or nuts)


1-Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan over medium flame.Once it come to boil,add lemon juice and mix slowly.

2-When paneer will start separating from whey(paneer water),Line a colander with cheese or muslin cloth. Pour the cheese in it

3-Wash this under running water to get rid of the lemony smell and squeeze well.Tie in a neat parcel and hang. Let the whey drain out for 30 minutes.

4-Then place this on an inverted plate and press with another plate. Put some weight over it to drain the remaining whey. Keep it for 20 minutes.

5-Now take this in a plate,add 1 tbsp of flour or semolina and start kneading.Gently press and spread it on the plate with the heel of your palm.

6-Do this for 10-15 minutes or till a smooth dough is formed.Make 12-14 balls out of it.Roll between your palm to make the outer surface smooth.

7-Press and give it an cylindrical shape.Generally the two ends are little pointy. You can even make rounds and press them.

8-In a wide and deep pan boil 5 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar.(The pan should be wide enough to accommodate chum-chums that will almost double in size.Please don't make them fight for space and sugar syrup).

9-Once syrup come to a rolling boil,place the chum-chums very carefully and bring it back to a boil.Now reduce the heat to medium and cover the pot.Cook for 20-25 minutes.

10-After 25 minutes turn off the gas and transfer the chum-chums  to a bowl along with sugar syrup.Allow them to cool down completely about 2-3 hours in refrigerator.Then remove the chum-chums from the syrup and squeeze out the excess syrup.

11-In the meanwhile, add mawa(khoya), condensed milk, cardamom powder and kewra essence in a microwave safe bowl,mix properly and microwave for 2 mins.(After every 30 secs,stir with a spoon).If you want add some saffron stands mix with milk for color.Keep this mawa mixture aside to cool down completely .

12-In another microwave safe bowl add 1/2 cup of heavy cream milk and 2 tsp sugar,mix properly.Microwave this cream milk for 2-3 minutes.Then let it cool down and Keep aside.

13-Now take the chum-chums in a plate and cut into two equal parts.Take one part in your hand and stuff some mawa(khoya) mixture over it,now cover the other part just like a sandwich and press slightly.Like wise stuff all the chum-chums.

14-Now arrange all the chum-chums in a plate.Spread cream mixture on top.

15-Garnish with some cherries or nuts or saffron or grated mawa(khoya) or grated coconut and serve cold.

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