Boondi Ladoo is a Rajasthani snack food made from sweetened, fried chickpea flour. Being very sweet, it can be stored for a week or so.


Gram flour(besan)-1& 1/2 cups
Semolina(suji)-1 & 1/2 tbsp
Cardamom seeds-2 tsp
Sugar-1 & 1/4 cups
Water-1 & 1/2 cups
Milk-1 tbsp
Ghee for deep frying
Orange color-few drops
Melon seeds-1 tbsp
Chopped almonds-1 tbsp
Chopped cashew-1 tbsp
A fine holed shallow strainer spoon


1-Mix gram flour,semolina and water to make a smooth batter(just like pancake batter).Keep aside.
2-In a saucepan add sugar,water and milk bring it to a boil.Stirring continuously till the sugar dissolves.When the syrup comes to a boil,the scum of the sugar will be floating on the top.
3-Remove the layer of scum.Continue boiling till it thickens.Add the color and boil till sticky but no thread has formed.Keep aside.
4-Heat sufficient amount of ghee in a deep frying pan and heat the ghee.Pass the gram flour and semolina batter through the strainer.
5-Tap the strainer so that the flow is even and smooth.The oil should be very hot so that the frying is done rapidly.
6-When the color turns golden brown take it out.Complete doing this till all the batter is over.Immerse them in the sugar syrup immediately after frying.
7-Add cardamom seeds,chopped almonds and chopped cashew nuts,melon seeds and mix well.Spread in a large plate.Sprinkle few tbsp hot water over it.Cover and keep for 5 minutes.
8-Shape in ladoos with moist palms.Cool and keep open to dry,before storing in containers.Serve and enjoy.....
(If you don't have a fine holed shallow strainer spoon then simply use a perforated ladle.When boondi are coated with sugar syrup separate some boondi aside and grind remaining boondi in a mixer with 2 tbsp of boiling hot water.Just give a pulse.Don't grind too much.Then mix the grounded boondi with the whole boondi,add dry fruits and shape them)


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