Dahibara-Aloodum-Ghugunu is a popular street food in Orissa specially in Cuttack.Cuttack is a very vibrant city in Orissa. It is more than thousand years old and was the capital of Orissa before Bhubaneswar.
My hometown is Jajpur(it was part of Cuttack District which divided into four Districts).The culture,festival and cuisins of jajpur are same with cuttack.Among the culinary delights unique to the Millenium City, none compare the famed Dahi Bara and Aludum, a spicy concoction of three basic dishes i.e., dahibara – vadas soaked in skim yoghurt, ghuguni – curried chickpeas and aludum – whole size potatoes immersed in fiery curry.Here I'll post the recipe of  "DAHI BARA-ALOO DUM AND GHUGUNI" and also how to assemble these three recipes to make a mouthwatering chat......




Urad Dal-1 cup
Semolina-1/4 cup
Mint leaves-2 tbsp
Chopped Green Chili-1/2 tbsp
Chopped Ginger-2 tsp
Salt-1 tbsp
Oil for deep frying


Thick Yogurt-2 cups
Water-1 cup
Mint leaves-2 tbsp
Sugar-1/2 tbsp
Roasted cumin powder-2 tsp
Chili powder-1 tsp(as per taste)
Salt and black salt to taste


Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Curry leaves-5-6
Red chili-2
Asafetida-a pinch


1-Wash and soak urad dal in water for 5-6 hours or over night.
2-Drain water and grind into a smooth paste using little water(if required). Don't use lot of water,Paste should be thick.
3-Place in a warm place for 6-8 hrs to ferment.(In India it takes 2-3 hours but in USA it takes min 6-8 hrs).
4-Then add semolina,chopped mint leaves,ginger,green chili and salt and mix properly.
5-Get a big bowl,fill with warm water and add 2 pinch of salt.Keep it aside.Beat the yogurt with water,mint leaves,salt,sugar and all spices.Keep aside.
6-In a kadhai heat oil,add the vadas one by one.Fry till golden and soak immediately in warm water for 4-5 mins before transferring them to the dahi mixture.
7-Put soaked baras in yogurt and let it soak.Take a small pot,and heat 1 tsp oil in it.Add mustard seed,curry leaves,red chili,asafetida and pour into dahi bara.



Boiled Potatoes-2 large(peeled and cut into cubes)
Chopped Onion-1 large
Chopped Tomato-1 large
Ginger-1 inch
Garlic-6-8 cloves
Whole garam masala-1 tbsp(cardamoms,cloves,black pepper,coriander seeds,cumin seeds,cinnamon and bay leaves)
Dry red chili-2
Turmeric Powder-1 tsp
Red Chili Powder-1/2 tsp(If required)
Cumin Powder-1 tsp
Coriander Powder-1 tsp
Garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
Dry fenugreek leaves-2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tbsp
Chopped coriander leaves-2 tbsp(for garnish)


1-Make a fine paste of ginger,garlic,half chopped onion and dry red chili,Keep aside.
2-In a large pan heat oil,splutter whole garam masala,then add remaining chopped onions and fry till golden brown.
3-Then add the ginger,garlic,onion and chili paste and cook till the raw smell is gone.
4-Add turmeric powder,chili powder,cumin and coriander powder,garam masala powder,dry fenugreek leaves and salt.Mix properly.
5-Add the chopped tomato and cover,cook till the tomatoes are mushy,remove the lead and cook till the oil is separated.
6-Add the boiled potatoes,stir gently to coat potatoes with masala.Add 1 cup of water,reduce heat and simmer the potatoes for another 5 mints.
7-Adjust the gravy consistency as required.Remove from heat and garnish with chopped Coriander leaves.



Dried Yellow Peas-1 cup
Chopped onion-1 large
Chopped tomato-1 large
Ginger-garlic paste-2 tsp
Chopped green chillies-4
Potato-1 large(cut in cubes)
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Bay leave-1
Dry chili-1
Turmeric powder-1/2(for peas)+1/2(for curry)
Dry fenugreek leaves-1/2 tsp
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Chili powder-1 tsp
Garam masala-1 tsp
Sugar-1/4 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp
Chopped onions-2 tbsp(for garnish)
Salt to taste


1-Soak the dry yellow peas in water for 6-7 hours or overnight.
2-Pressure cook the peas and potato cubes with 4 cups of water,salt and 1/2 tsp turmeric powder till soft or to 2-3 whistle.

3-In a pan heat oil,add dry chili,bay leave and cumin seeds when it splutters add  chopped green chillies and the chopped onions.
4-Once the Onion turns golden brown,add the ginger-garlic paste and fry till the oil separates from the frying pan.
5-Then add turmeric powder,sugar,salt,chili powder,coriander powder,dry fenugreek leaves and garam masala,mix properly.
6-Add chopped tomato and cook for few more minutes till tomatoes are done.
7-Then add the boiled peas and potato with water and mix well,cover and cook for 5-10 mins more.
Once it is done, remove from heat and garnish with some chopped onions.


Chopped onion-1 tbsp
Chopped green chili-1
Chopped coriander leaves-1 tsp
Roasted cumin powder-1 tbsp
Black Salt to taste
Sev-1/2 cup


1-In a bowl  place the dahi vara,add aloo dum and ghuguni, sprinkle onions,green chili,coriander leaves,cumin powder,black salt,sev
2-Mouthwatering "DAHI BARA-ALOO DUM-GHUGUNI" is ready to serve and enjoy.


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