Biryani is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and chicken, mutton, fish, eggs,or vegetables.It is very popular in South Asia and is a key element of the South Asian cuisine. Kolkata, Hyderabad, Malabar, Delhi, Agra, Dhaka, Kashmir, Karachi, Basra, Lucknow and Lahore, are the main centres of biryani cuisine.The spices and condiments used in biryani may include, but are not limited to,ghee (clarified butter),nutmeg, mace, pepper, cloves,cardamom,cinnamon,bay leaves,coriander,mint leaves, ginger,onions and garlic.The premium varieties include saffron.For a non-vegetarian biryani, the main ingredient that accompanies the spices is the meat-beef,chicken,goat,lamb,fish or shrimp.The dish may be served with dahi chutney or Raita, korma,curry,a sour dish of eggplant (brinjal),boiled egg and salad.The difference between biryani and pullao is that while pullao may be made by cooking the items together, biryani denotes a dish where the rice (plain or fried) is cooked separately from the thick sauce (a greatly reduced curry of meat or vegetables).The curry and the rice are then brought together and layered, resulting in a dish of the contrasting flavors of flavored rice (which is cooked separate with spices) and intensely flavored sauce and meat or vegetables.Chicken biryani is generally the most widely consumed because of its wider availability and usually comes with a boiled egg too.


Boiled eggs-4
Biryani Masala Powder-4 tsp
Chicken curry masala-2 tsp
Chopped mint leaves-2 tbsp
Whole garam masala-1 tbsp(cinnamon,black & green cardamom,clovs,mace,star anise,peppercorn,coriander,cumin)
Ginger-garlic paste-1 tbsp
Red chili Powder-2 tsp(or as per your taste)
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Cumin powder-1 tsp
Onion-2 large(finely sliced)
Spring onion-4(finely chopped)
Milk-1/2 cup(lukewarm)
Kewra water-1-2 drops
Dry red chili-2
Bay leaf-1
Ghee-4 tbsp
Oil-4 tbsp
Saffron-1 tsp
Salt to taste


Chicken-2 lb or 1 kg
Thick Yogurt-1/2 cup
Chopped Green chili-8(or as per your taste)
Ginger garlic paste-2 tbsp
Red chili powder-1 tbsp
Turmeric powder-2 tsp
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Coriander leaves-1/2 cup
Biryani Masala Powder-2 tbsp
Chicken curry powder-2 tsp
Garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
Fried onions-2 tbsp(optional)
Mint leaves-1/2 cup
Lemon juice-1
Oil-1 tbsp
Salt-2 tsp


Basmati Rice-4 cups
Black & green Cardamom-4
Cinnamon stick-2
Star anise-1
Bay leaves-2
Oil-1 tbsp
Salt-1 1/2 tbsp
Water as required


1--In a pan heat oil,add 1 sliced onions.The heat should be medium.Definitely not high,otherwise the onions will get burned.Stir the onions continuously for uniform browning.When they become light brown,drain them on kitchen paper. Keep them aside.They will get nice crispy as they cool down
2-Marinate chicken with all the ingredients of marinade and refrigerate it for 6-12 hour.

 3- Add the saffron to the lukewarm milk and mix well,Keep it aside.

4-Heat 1 tbsp of oil,add Cashews and Raisins, fry for a couple of minutes till the cashews get a light golden color.Remove from the Pan. Make sure you drain all the Oil.Keep aside.

5-In that oil add boiled eggs,a pinch of salt and turmeric powder and fry till they become light golden brown,Remove from pan and cut the eggs in half.Keep aside.

6-Then heat remaining oil,add 1 tbsp whole garam masala,crushed dry chili and bay leaf,let it crackle,Add rest onions and saute til light golden brown.
7-Then add ginger-garlic paste,coriander powder,chili powder,cumin powder and chicken curry powder,biryani powder,fry till the raw smell goes and oil starts appearing.Then add marinated chicken and cook for 5-6 mins only.

8-Wash and soak rice in water for about 25-30 minutes.Then take a big deep wide mouth vessel,add lots of water to boil (at least 10 times more than rice).Once boiling add salt,oil,cinnamon stick,black & green cardamoms,cloves,mace,bay leaves,star anise for flavoring the rice.Also add soaked rice to boiling water.Now boil all this for 5 minutes on a high flame.Rice should be three fourth cooked.Strain the rice and keep aside.

9-In a big vessel(deep and wide),add 1 tbsp of ghee,then spread half of the chicken,then half of the rice over the chicken layer,pour 1 tbsp of ghee and 1/4th cup of saffron milk all over the rice,then add 8 half eggs spread over the rice.Then sprinkle half of the fried onions,1 tbsp of mint leaves,1 tbsp of coriander leaves,half of the spring onion and  half of the cashews and half of the raisins over the rice.
10-Again Over this layer add remaining chicken,then add remaining rice over the chicken,pour remaining saffron milk all over the rice,then sprinkle remaining caramelized onions,mint leaves,coriander leaves,spring onions,cashews,raisins and kewra water over the rice.

11-Close the lid and seal with a large foil or ,cook this pot on a very low heat for 45 mins.
12-After 45 mins turn off the heat,let it stand for 10 mins over the heat,then remove the lid and serve hot with chicken curry and raita


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