Gulab jamun  is a popular cheese-based dessert.It is very famous dessert in the countries of the Indian subcontinent(India,Pakistan,Nepal,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.It is made mainly from khoya/mawa with a pinch of flour,and then kneaded into a dough, shaped into small balls and deep fried at a medium temp.The balls are then soaked in a light sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom and rosewater,saffron


Milk powder or mawa-1 cup
All purpose flour-2 tbsp
Ghee/butter-2 tbsp
Baking soda-a pinch
Hot milk-1/4 cup
Cardamom powder- 2 tsp
Saffron-a few
Rose water-2 tsp
Sugar-1 1/2 cups
Water-1 1/2 cups for sugar syrup
Water for dough
Oil for fry


1-In a pan mix sugar,water,cardamom powder,rose water and saffron and boil for 10-12 mins.keep aside.
2-Mix milk powder/mawa,flour,ghee/butter and baking soda and  hot milk in a bowl.
3-Knead all of them together,to form a smooth dough and leave it to rest for 10 mins.
4-Make small balls with it.No cracks should be visible since this will cause the jamuns to disintegrate while soaked in the syrup.
5-Heat oil in a pan,add the balls and deep fry over a medium-low flame until golden brown.It should take about 7-8 mins to fry.
6-Remove from oil using a slotted spoon and drain on several layers of paper towels.
7-Add the balls to the sugar syrup,stir gently so the balls are well coated in syrup.
8-Soak gulab jamuns until they completely absorb the syrup or for at least 20 mints and serve cold.


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